Monday, July 11, 2011

Bachelor # 1....not seeming like a fore-runner

     I have a date. Yes I do! When is it going to take place, I have no bloody clue. One of the guys I am talking to on-line which has now advanced to brief phone conversations and I have set up a date. We will call this dude Bachelor # 1 (to protect his identity, and to keep my ass from being sued.) He seems a bit eager, what with sending me 2 e-mails in a matter of 5 minutes which included his phone number...but that's ok. Because may he's nervous. So anyway Bachelor # 1 and I share a phone call today which according to my cell log, lasted 17 minutes and consisted mainly of his talking a-mile-a-minute.

Here are some of the things that kind of raised a red flag to me...and let me know if you think I'm making more of it than I should:

  • He talked about a woman whom he was supposed to meet with, and she blew him off. He then proceeded to say some rude-ish comments about her.
  • He complained about all these women on the dating site who had kids. He doesn't need to be on a date with someone whose kid keeps calling.
  • Kept mentioning my looks...and about a woman dressing 'nice.'
     Bachelor # 1 and I wound up setting a date to meet for coffee on Wednesday night around 7:30-8:00. I'm not sure if this is a good match, but what the heck. It's a good date to get back in the game. But then I start getting texts from him. He wanted to move our coffee date from Wednesday to tonight, because 'he has plans' for Wednesday. Meanwhile I had already told him tonight and Friday night were both not good for me....when we were on the phone. So then he was pushing for Friday night, and I figured I could make that work. But then when I was out he text's me AGAIN...asking to move the date to Saturday, which I have plans that night (but hadn't told him.)

       Being the courteous person I am...and really trying to give this guy a chance,when he asked to meet for Saturday told him that was fine. However I asked to meet at 12, noon as I have to be in Levitttown later in the day. Needless to say my response from him was "We'll work it out," but somehow I feel like this isn't going to be worked out and is turning in to a chore of even meeting.


  1. Hmph! If he tries to change plans one more time, ditch the number.

  2. As of last night we were supposed to meet on Friday. But now I have a wake to go to, as my friend's grandpa passed away. So what do I do now?