Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bachelor # 1....The Text Files

Sometimes the ones you want to stick around don't...and the ones you wish would never darken your door step again stick to you like glue. There's a Motely Cru song, and the lyrics go like this: "Girl don't go away mad....girl just go away." Well, this is a situation with Bachelor # 1 where I would apply the lyrics, substituting 'girl' for 'boy'. The nightmare of a date with Bachelor # 1 was behind me, and when I had gotten home from the date, blocked him from e-mailing me...hoping he'd get the hint. Not my luck it seems, as on Saturday, July 16th he decided to text, and angry text at that. So read on my friends...and realize that sometimes giving someone a chance isn't the wisest thing to do.

Bachelor # 1: Hey u I tryed to e-mail u on the site wats that about? Last nite was nice.

Me: Bachelor # 1 (I had used his name but am not posting it here), I can't date anyone who makes disparaging remarks about women-and who can't go any further east of Bohemia. Good luck finding the right one for you.

Bachelor # 1: What did I say that was bad like I want to live in some shit place like u do

Me: Please stop texting me.

Bachelor # 1: Your 35 your be 40 soon It's all good seeing someone cute she's 28 your 35 that's old for a gril.
Me: So what I love my life and don't need a man that's right MAN to fulfill my life. Obviously you can't meet someone because of your attitude. Please stop texting me.

Bachelor # 1: Iam seeing a 28 year old your almost 40

Me: Grow a pair, grow up and don't text me again. Btw you shouldn't use foul language when tying to impress someone. Stop texting me.

Bachelor # 1: Soon it will be to late for u to have a family so what are u to anyone

Me: Dude your pathetic and the 28 year old will run away screaming too. I couldn't wait to get away from you last night. You're lucky I didn't knock you out cold. Stop blowing up my phone or i'm calling the cops you freak!

Bachelor # 1: There are grils on the site that are in there 40s can't fine anyone to date your see but iam doing great

Me: I am now calling the cops becuz this is harassment you had fair warning.

Bachelor # 1: They not going to anything iam 35 your 35 u don't Text and will not text u see u on the site at 40 Ok do what u have to your texting to so Have fun Iam not doing anything bad later

 Me: I have now called the cops on you.

Bachelor # 1: Never text me aging and I will do the same. By have a bad life

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