Monday, July 11, 2011

Single girl pushed back in to the dating scene by at 11

     OK, I admit it. I have been avoiding the dating scene like the plague. I don't think I was consciously doing it but none-the-less I wasn't really putting myself 'out there' and in the places to find a guy. Perhaps it's because I am selfish, and enjoying my life the way it is...answering to no one, doing what I want....when I I want. Maybe it's because a few years back I was burned by one guy (kinda sorta), and then really burned by another guy (who as my one friend M. calls, an ass hat.) Regardless of whatever the reason is, I wasn't getting out and meeting guys, yet wondering where 'Mr. Right' was hiding, and when he would realize his 'Ms. Right' (me was right here waiting for his late ass to show up.)
     I always joke with M. that Colin Farrell is my soul-mate, and he just needs to bump in to me, and realize we're meant for one another.But at the age of 35 years long am I really supposed to wait for Colin Farrell to find me, and realize he can't live without me?
     My other friend L.B. thrust herself in to the dating scene, and has opted for the on-line dating route. I didn't know this until she was hanging out at my house one night. I love L.B. dearly, and she is always up to trying new things and is also a bit overly persuasive...if you know what I mean. Which for someone with my laid back personality is a good thing. So as we were discussing her latest dating endeavors, she coerced me to sign up on the same on-line dating site and see who & what was waiting out there to make contact with me. I have to admit...that I was very leery of doing this...especially on this particular site...but I let her coerce me anyway.
     So here I am. Back to dating. At the tender age of 35. Which has also prompted me to start a new blog site. Because that's all I really need, right. To manage 3 blog sites??? I haven't gone on any actual dates as of yet...and I'm a bit nervous to really meet. But I can let you all know that I have been communicating via e-mail with a few (seemingly) nice guys. I've yet to make it to the actual meeting point...but hope to do so soon. And of course there are also the blatantly obnoxious, scary, and out-right weird characters out there. Some I've blocked...some I've just ignored. But I will keep you all posted, and be brutally honest with how it goes. Because we all need & deserve love in our life.

Don't we?

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